Eridanos Project

Water is life. Terraintegra First Mile C.I.C. was established to implement the Eridanos Project: to design, develop, prototype and produce a vehicle, electrically powered and battery fuelled, which would transport precious water from wells and rivers to where desperately needed in villages and communities.

Eridanos Transporter 2014 Design

Every day a person requires a minimum of about 10 litres of water to drink, wash and cook with. Every day about 850 million Europeans use an average of 200 litres of water while every day in Africa and Asia 885 million people do not even have access to 10 litres of clean water. Every day 4,000 children die from lack of water or the consumption of contaminated water. Every day women and children spend a combined 200 million hours transporting water.

“African women may walk over six kilometres per day in search of water, spending as much as eight hours collecting water. In most countries, girls often are given the task of collecting water, carrying 15 to 20 litres of water from the water point home. Access to water and sanitation is therefore related to the time that girls need to attend school, and can be the reason why they are kept out of school. In many developing countries, furthermore, girls are often not permitted to attend schools that do not have latrines out of concern for their privacy and modesty.  Therefore, access to fresh water and sanitation does not only improve the health of a family, but it also provides an opportunity for girls to go to school, and for women to use their time more productively than in fetching water.” UN Commission on Social Development.

The UNDP states that an absence of clean water diminishes the GDP of Sub Saharan Africa by 5%.

Terraintegra together with its partners is developing the Eridanos transporter (ET). The ET is an electrically powered vehicle with carrying capacity of 600kg. ET can carry 600 litres of water or 600kg of food, tools and medicines for over 100kms. ET can also carry four passengers in addition to a driver, to assist with loading and unloading of cargo or simply to take a passenger to a hospital or school etc. Without water or other goods payload, the ET can carry 15 passengers.

Eridanos Transporter Zebra Design 2014

The Eridanos Project focuses on producing the ET at low cost while ensuring that it has the robustness and capability of doing its specified work with minimal fatigue. Safety of occupants is also a priority. The ET will be equipped with sturdy frame, strong side sills, engineered crumple zone and strong rollover bar. The vehicle will be fuelled by a battery (fitted along the centre line of the vehicle) which can be recharged by Solar, wind, hydro and biogas generated electricity.

The ET will be made available throughout Africa and Asia with training to drivers and charging station managers.

The ET will be fuelled by a series of alternative energy stations in the villages and communities where it operates. These charging stations will also supply electricity to community schools, clinics, homes and work places.

With access to clean water, food and other goods, a community can refocus on its own enterprise, education, health and nourishment.

Water is Life