Eco Village Project

By 2050 the Global population may exceed 9 billion unless war, disease, famine or deliberate genocide culls the human population. Given that the planet is at breaking point as it tries to support today’s 6.8 billion, a further 2.2 billion might not be viable. A solution must be implemented now. The answer lies in raising quality of life in developing and underdeveloped regions.

The populations of Developed Nations are stagnating because affluence and education teach humans (especially women) that meaningful life exists without permanent pregnancy. Were the peoples where population growth is exploding better informed, better nurtured, they would replace permanent pregnancy with other rewarding activities. Children would grow in better health and be better educated than today. Family sizes would reduce naturally and individualism would come to the fore, replacing collective and chauvinistic control. In the longer term communities would enjoy raised standards of life quality and eventually forgo conflict, racism, prejudice and inequality.

The Eco-Village Project, Terraintegra’s flagship project, focuses on generating energy to deliver quality of life. Quality of life encourages balanced population growth and a challenging, not downtrodden, life.

Eco Village Project  – download our concept document.