Desalination Projects

Over one billion people currently do not have access to clean water. Meanwhile population growth is exploding in Underdeveloped countries where water supplies are most stressed. The World needs potable water urgently. Water shortage leads to disease, hunger and conflict. From Kenya to Niger millions are hungry and thirsty, cattle and wild animals are dying. Even where “fresh” water is available it has been contaminated by parasites and human activity. The Sahara is expanding exponentially. In the Middle East, regional conflict is compounded by water requirements.

Terraintegra is working with groups in Africa and the Middle East to bring low cost and low energy desalination technology to drought ridden regions. Where water is out of reach, Terraintegra argues for transportation by rail and truck in emergencies and by pipeline in the longer term. Oil and coal are shipped, trucked, railed and piped to markets. Water, which is easier to transport than either oil or coal, but more essential for life than either, should be transported where necessary for the benefit humanity.