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Phase Change Materials (PCM)

Generally, the walls and roof of a building exist to block excessive solar heat, wind and rain and to retain some of the buildings internal heating, but no more. However, “Phase change materials” (PCM) can be applied on walls and ceilings to effectively create passive air-conditioning within the building. The internal building temperature can be maintained at a desired level (e.g. 20℃).
This is achieved because PCM has the unique ability to keep itself and its surrounding environment at a fixed temperature range. When the surrounding air heats up above this range, the PCM absorbs and retains the excess heat and when the temperature drops below the desired range, the PCM releases the stored heat. This has the net effect of keeping the airspace at a desired level. As the average European building uses about 60% of its energy to heat airspace and water, efficient management and conservation of heat will reduce energy bills.