Terraintegra supports the commercialisation of BladeRunner because it can help give Underdeveloped nation businesses access to consumer markets. It can also be a fast reaction utility vehicle to bring emergency supplies (e.g. food, water, field hospitals) to remote regions.

BladeRunner is an award winning hybrid road/rail technology developed in the UK by Carl Henderson of Silvertip Design. It can be designed to run on various track sizes and on road.  It does not need a points system, sleepers or ballast.  Where the track is broken or ends, the BladeRunner will switch to road or track.  Its excellent stability, short braking line and tight turning circle make it ideal for African terrain.  The advantage of running on rail-track instead of road is lower rolling resistance leading to higher efficiency and less wear and tear.  The capital costs will be lower than normal rail costs, track building is cheaper, the BladeRunner and its rail infrastructure is cheaper than a train and its required infrastructure. BladeRunner facilitates the revival of under-utilised incumbent rail and tram infrastructure.

The BladeRunner can pick a cargo up at a factory, drive to the nearest rail track, travel along the track as far as possible and then leave the track to take the cargo to an airport or port or depot.  All without having to unload and reload.  Passengers can be carried too.  The BladeRunner would make trans-continental travel and transport possible on a single vehicle.  Goods could be taken from central Africa direct to markets in the Middle East and even EU. BladeRunner technology can be equally deployed in several EU regions, possibly linking canals and rivers to both remove haulage from roads and simultaneously improve rail and water transport efficiencies.