Applied Technologies

The applied technologies are employment ready technologies (including generation, conservation, transport and conversion technologies) which can be deployed to a Project either alone or in combination with other technologies to meet the energy and conservation requirements of a Project.

Desalination and Water Transportation

Terraintegra promotes Solar desalination technology because it will bring potable water to the driest parts of the Globe with



Terraintegra supports the commercialisation of BladeRunner because it can help give Underdeveloped nation businesses access to


Phase Change Materials (PCM)

Generally, the walls and roof of a building exist to block excessive solar heat, wind and rain and to retain some of the


Introduction to Micro Concentrating Solar Power

The Micro Concentrating Solar Power (MCSP) project seeks to harness the energy of the Sun directly, by using Solar thermal energy


BEM description

The BEM machine is an advanced Brushless Synchronous Wound-Rotor Doubly-Fed electric motor or generator system that symmetrically



The WindCatcher VAWT turbine is a unique low cost design Savonius type wind and water turbine that will have a practical function


Aqua Salveo

Aqua Salveo is a water purification technology which kills pathogens in potable water. Safe (approved by South African Bureau of