What We Do

Terraintegra is a consultancy that identifies, assesses and develops partnerships with the owners of innovative energy positive technology in the sphere of ‘true alternative energy’ production and ‘true energy conservation’.

Terraintegra is an interface between technological innovation and its practical, commercial application. As such Terraintegra partners only with unique technologies that offer synergies which will maximise the strengths of the ‘true alternative energy’ and ‘true energy conservation’ sector whilst minimising its weaknesses. The scope of Terraintegra’s activities encompasses:

  • bringing together of mutually beneficial technologies
  • adaptation of technologies to serve environmental purposes
  • introduction of specific technologies to appropriate markets and geographies
  • preparation of a socio-environmental audit
  • analysis of energy availability and energy requirements within a specific project
  • development of business plans, (including feasibility studies), marketing plans and financial projections
  • identification of potential investors to fund commercialisation.

Terraintegra itself does not fund projects or technologies.

Within the broad spectrum of ‘alternative energy’, Terraintegra is focused on one single, most essential technology – electric machines – which will ultimately enable 1.9 billion people to benefit from a better quality of life through electrical energy.

We believe electric machines are essential to almost all technologies that produce energy.
With electric machines Terraintegra and its partners, will develop and bring to market the alternative energies which will drive electric generators (e.g. hydro turbines, wind mills, biogas plants and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies). Electric machines will power versatile vehicles (e.g. BladeRunner, tractors, ambulances, buses, trucks, etc) to energise industry and agriculture in the Developing and Underdeveloped Worlds.

Electric machines are essential to a future electric vehicle transportation system such as The Eridanos Project.

Micro electric machines must be built to allow Eco-Villages to expand throughout the Developing and Underdeveloped Worlds.

With electric machines Terraintegra can bring real quality of life change to societies worldwide. In order to do so, Terraintegra works closely with Dealán Dé to bring electric machines into production. Without efficient electric machines, free of monopolies, there can be no progress towards decentralised electricity generation in a meaningful and progressive manner.