Commercial Partners

Terraintegra works with a number of commercial partners. This helps ensure the long term viability of the projects on which we consult.


Far is an innovative automotive company offering a revolutionary approach to the design and manufacture of lightweight structural composite


Inkulu Energy

Terraintegra is a founding partner of Inkulu Energy


Dealán Dé

Dealán Dé was established to manufacture advanced synchronous electric machines (generators and electric motors). These



MBioFerm Ltd. is the depository of several species of Clostridia and other bacteria which are capable of ABE (acetone, butanol, ethanol) Fermentation


Silvertip Design

Silvertip Design is the company behind BladeRunner, an award winning hybrid road/rail technology.  BladeRunner will be an


Aqua Salveo

Aqua Salveo CC, South Africa is the proprietor of Aqua Salveo™ Water Disinfectant which clears water of pathogenic bacteria and



BioBit is the corporate vehicle specifically chartered to commercialise advanced biogas fermentation technology developed by