Terraintegra’s raison d’etre is to equalise access to planet energy and resources by making alternative energy technologies and their consequent quality of life accessible to all humanity. Achieving this is dependent upon partnerships.

We pride ourselves in creating partnerships with inventors, innovators, engineers, scientists and experts in their fields to help realise ‘true alternative energy production’ and ‘true energy conservation’ which improve life quality. Thus we have partners in both the not for profit, as well as commercial spheres.

Commercial Partners: Aqua Salveo, BioBit, Dealán Dé, Far UKInkulu Energy, MBioFerm, Silvertip Design.

Not for Profit Partners: Terraintegra Foundation, South Africa; Terraintegra First Mile CIC, UK; Pacific Development Foundation, Papua New Guinea; Technische Universität München BioTech Group, Germany.