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Were we to use all the alternative energy available today, would it be enough to meet our energy needs?

The short answer is yes! We have available over 120 petawatts at least 8,000 times the energy we require to meet our needs. The solar constant (i.e. all solar radiation has been calculated at 1,366 watts per M2. Africa has tapped about 5% of its hydro potential, Asia (40%) and Europe (80%). Biogas (methane) fermentation and generation could provide electricity to every city and biomass growing rural region Worldwide. Biogas fermentation will also reduce the emission of so called “greenhouse gases” to the atmosphere. The challenges are appropriate, cost effective technologies to harness the energy, efficient energy storage and transport technologies and the Planet’s cooperation in providing and distributing where required the solar and kinetic energy to drive our generators and to charge our batteries.

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