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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions and quotes that we feel are important.

What is electricity?

TweetAt its simplest electricity is an energy. It is useful to civilisation because it can be efficiently generated, transferred long distances, subdivided and used to power a myriad of machines. It is created by expending another energy (e.g. steam, solar … Continue reading

How do we make and use electricity?

TweetAlmost all of the Planet’s electric power is produced by rotating electrical machines. Electric machines are electromechanical energy converters. Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Approximately 70% of electrical energy is … Continue reading

How much electricity does the world consume?

TweetApproximately 18,000 terawatt-hours (TWh) per annum. It is anticipated that electricity demand will double in the next 20 years to a yearly demand of over 32,000 TWh. The really important question therefore is how will we generate this increased electricity?

How does the world generate electricity today?

TweetAt least 35% of all Planet tapped primary energy is converted into electricity. Among Developed Nations an average of 42% of all primary energy is converted into electricity. Coal is used to generate about 40% of Planet electricity and its … Continue reading

About Nuclear!

TweetThe splitting of atoms (fission) releases vast amounts of thermal energy which can be used to boil liquid to expand as steam, turn a turbine which in turn rotates a generator to generate electricity. Nuclear energy meets 16% of electricity … Continue reading

Who consumes electricity?

TweetThe US consumes about 23% of World electricity. China consumes about 17% with Russia and Japan consuming about 5.7% each. All the countries of the EU combined consume about 17% of World electricity. A more meaningful figure is consumption per … Continue reading

Were we to use all the alternative energy available today, would it be enough to meet our energy needs?

TweetThe short answer is yes! We have available over 120 petawatts at least 8,000 times the energy we require to meet our needs. The solar constant (i.e. all solar radiation has been calculated at 1,366 watts per M2. Africa has tapped … Continue reading

Is efficiency the whole story?

TweetYes! Achieving efficiency in production, conversion, transportation, subdivision and storage of energy is the key to Planet survivability. A coal fired power plant will transfer about 35% of the coal’s energy into electricity. Then about 10% of the surviving electricity … Continue reading