Tree reflaction in the water

Mahon Slattery, Managing Director

Mahon, founding partner of Terraintegra and the Terraintegra Foundation, is a lawyer who combines extensive legal and commercial experience with a passion for all things mechanical and technological.

Mahon’s legal expertise lies in international mergers and acquisitions, whilst his technological curiosity has afforded him dialogues with leading scientists and engineers.

During his tenure as legal advisor to the UK High Commissioner of Papua New Guinea in the 1990’s, Mahon developed a keen interest in supporting local isolated communities to harness their natural resources in a meaningful, rewarding, socially and environmentally beneficial manner.

Terraintegra is the synthesis and manifestation of Mahon’s professional experience, reflecting his values and personal philosophy. The birth of Mahon’s first child reinforced and heightened his resolve to ensure a viable planet and humanity’s secure future.

Contact Mahon via email on or mobile phone +352 691 16 00 61.