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About Us

Terraintegra is an independent socio-environmental entrepreneurial organisation that grasps the critical issues confronting the planet, its humanity and other life forms and consequently:

Such work is difficult and success elusive. But, without Terraintegra and like-minded organisations, stitching together the single garment of destiny, the planet’s ability to support human “life as we know it” is in doubt.

Man, self considered to be the Earth’s primary sapient species, has developed throughout the 20th Century the capacity to adjust the planet’s energy equilibrium. Anthropogenic activity may have minutely but crucially moved the planet out of its thermal and energy equilibria. Today 7 billion people consume planet energy and its resources. By 2050 that figure will grow to 9 billion. Without dramatic and immediate change, the planet simply cannot support its residents
Most energy and resource consumption is localised in the Developed World and is excessive and wasteful by most criteria. But, it is the industrialising Developing and population booming Underdeveloped Worlds that threaten to accelerate the planet out of its equilibrium.