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Is efficiency the whole story?

TweetYes! Achieving efficiency in production, conversion, transportation, subdivision and storage of energy is the key to Planet survivability. A coal fired power plant will transfer about 35% of the coal’s energy into electricity. Then about 10% of the surviving electricity … Continue reading

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Were we to use all the alternative energy available today, would it be enough to meet our energy needs?

TweetThe short answer is yes! We have available over 120 petawatts at least 8,000 times the energy we require to meet our needs. The solar constant (i.e. all solar radiation has been calculated at 1,366 watts per M2.¬†Africa has tapped … Continue reading

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What do we mean by alternative? Alternative to what?

TweetCoal was introduced as a 16th Century alternative to excessive wood burning which had depleted Europe’s forests to exhaustion. Petroleum first appeared as a cheaper more easily harvested alternative to whale oil as whale stocks were depleted by hunting. Incumbent … Continue reading

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