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Terraintegra is an independent socio-environmental organisation that addresses the forces that threaten to unbalance the planet and deplete its resources.  Terraintegra acts as a facilitator for inventors, scientists and new technologies focused on  ‘true alternative energy production’ and ‘true energy conservation’.   These technologies help keep pace with accelerating energy requirements, without increasing pressure on the planet’s resources or its equilibrium.

Of equal importance, Terraintegra seeks to equalise access to the planet’s resources for all of its 7 billion consumers, so that the 21st Century will redress the inequality of access to energy which prevailed in the 20th Century. Terraintegra’s flagship projects reflect this strategy:  the Eco-Village Project, the Eridanos Electric Transport Project and the Inkulu Energy Generator Project.  These projects are applicable to any community around the globe, although currently targeted at the needs of developing nations.

The Terraintegra Foundation is a not for profit entity responsible for the realisation and implementation of Terraintegra’s strategy.

Terraintegra’s socio-environmental philosophy is described in its conceptual document the Eco-Village Project. This paper sets out the socio-environmental arguments for viable long-term resource management within a community. It also describes practical solutions to energy needs including the deployment of various complementary technologies, enabling energy production or energy conservation within the community.